Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hot cards

I've been trying to get my business card design finished for awhile now, but I am always having trouble committing to the design. Guess I haven't found "the one" yet. I keep trying to explain to Scott (my bf) how vital those small paper cards are for business-that each one is like a mini billboard that can boost sales or possibly turn away potential customers. I want a design that people will keep, show their friends, and stir enough interest to visit my site. Is that too much for a girl to ask for? So I went searched around to get some inspiration. My top favorites:

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

que bonita!

I love finding fellow new Etsy sellers who put great care and attention into their craft. Windfall Designs from upstate NY combines a uniquely organic eye with a variety of gorgeous metals, stones, and bead materials. She has only been listing for about a month, and just like me finds herself perusing the Etsy shops while she should be doing other things like "painting the bathroom or building that stone fireplace outside." I know how that is!

Her jewelry really inspires me to get going on finding a silversmithing class in my neck of the woods. Stop by her shop on Etsy for more of her handmade little items.

where have all the honeybees gone?

I am deeply disturbed by the news I heard on NPR this morning. The honeybees are suffering from widespread die-off...Now even if you are not the hugest bee lover, hate the taste of honey, or wonder why this is making headline news- honeybees are responsible for over 80% of pollination for foods humans consume. Where will this leave our food supply? What is causing their widespread collapse? Are they modern day canaries warning of our reliance upon genetically modified food crops and insecticide rich agricultural practices? Here is a news article that speaks more about the baffling die-off.

Cushy cover with Buzzy Bees by Inky Spider

Monday, May 21, 2007

lush spring white choices

Oh Etsy. It seems that for every one item I list there's about 10 more I would like to purchase. For this week, here are my spring white choices from some very talented artists. Enjoy and ::click::click::

"Vintage flowers" by calobee

"Sugar snap ring" by farafield

"Leather wrist purse" by sewlutionsbyamo

"Virginesque" by dreamwoven

Numero siete

I've been tagged! Here are 7 lesser known facts about yours truly, and get running cuz I'm about to tag 7 others.
1.) I attended art school in Tasmania (and yes I saw a Tasmanian devil or two)
2.) I have already named my future boston terrier puppy "Ichiban (means number one in Japanese) Monster."
3.) If I am serious, I will swear on my surfboard's life. And you know I wouldn't fib to her.
4.) My favorite food hands down is dark chocolate. And lots of it.
5.) I've traveled through the outback of places like Nicaragua, Turkey, and New Zealand. But it's always the commonalities that we share which astounds me.
6.) I am a firm believer in the fashion power of leopard print and cowboy boots. At the same time or separately.
7.) My personal mantra: If you do not love what you are doing, then you are just working on someone else's project.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

california dreaming

As the move to San Diego from the East Coast looms nearer, I am beginning to do more research on the internet regarding important details about my new future home. Like what is the best vegetarian restaurant in the area. There's a refreshingly large number of choices including a noveau comfort food spot called "Spread." Their menu changes everyday and reflects the organic local produce that is available that season- a concept that Ms Kingsolver (see book review a few days ago) speaks at great lengths in her new novel. And with choices like "hibiscus blossom mole" made with "grilled vegetables, corn tortillas, hibiscus essence, rose..." or "chocolate salad"
with "valrhona white chocolate, fresh arugula, rock salt, herbs..." I know the first place I will be stopping for a celebratory feast!! Expect pictures and a review soon, but in the meantime their website can be found at .

Saturday, May 19, 2007

homemade spring rolls=love

Homemade Vietnamese "chả giò" spring rolls are nothing like those fried little heart-attack torpedoes from the neighborhood fast food joint. Not even from the same species or planet.

The freshly tucked pockets we made tonight were stuffed with colorful crisp vegetarian layers that would make many carnivores swoon. They are perfect for spring and summer snacks or a new kind of lunch burrito. Enjoy and experiment with the fillings and ingredient ratios to taste!

*Dulce's Vegetarian Chả Giò Việt Nam (Vietnamese Spring Rolls)*

Spring roll sauce (I prefer a natural variety that doesn't have added msg or preservatives)
1 package of round Vietnamese rice roll wrappers
Bunch of freshly chopped cilantro
handful of fresh spring mix, spinach, watercress, or other choice
2 finely grated carrots
1 Thinly sliced cucumber
1/2 of an avocado cut into long thin slivers
1/3 block extra firm tofu
2 tablespoons sesame oil (approx)
2 tablespoons olive oil (approx)
Raw hulled sesames to taste
Sliced mango (optional but SO worth the effort and $)

1.) Pan fry until crisp thinly sliced strips of extra-firm tofu in mixture of sesame oil and olive oil.
2.) Mix in a cup 2 tbs spring roll sauce with 1 tbs warm water. When tofu begins to brown, turn off stove and pour sauce onto strips. The tofu should soak up all of the sauce and become carmelized. At this point you may have to start swatting away fingers reaching in to try to taste the delicious smelling tofu nougats!
3.) Set aside tofu strips and let cool for 15 minutes.
4.) Once tofu has cooled down, the fun part begins!! Soak the first round rice paper sheet in lukewarm to warmer water in a pan with sides large enough to acomodate both the size of the rice paper sheet and about 2 inches of the soaking water. The package should read how long to soak the paper in the water: it should be soft and pliable, but not too hard and not gooey.
5.) Place sheet on flat surface and place layers of grated carrot, spring mix lettuce, thinly sliced cucumber, slivers of avocado, and a strip or 2 of tofu on sheet.
6.) And roll! I recommend rolling like a burrito with the sides folded over first, then rolled - and don't over-stuff these babies! The rice paper shell is very delicate.
7.) Sprinkle with sesame seeds to taste and serve with fresh sliced mango. Enjoy with a friend or stranger.

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